Wednesday, October 30, 2019


We arrived back in our park in Florence, AZ on Monday after 2618 kms from Penticton, BC.  This was probably our windiest trip south and we just kept ahead of deteriorating weather.  A lady from Kelowna whose blog I follow was a couple days behind us and had snow and very cold temperatures following the same route as us.  It was good to see that we were justified in speeding up our trip.
The weather here is on the cool side for this time of year but it was nice for getting setup and unpacked.  24C Monday and 22C yesterday for highs and only about 2C this morning.  Now the wind is blowing and is forecast for the next couple of days making it that much cooler.  However, no snow here!
It was a pleasant surprise to have the RZR start right up after I removed the cover.  The park is still pretty quiet but more and more people are arriving daily.  Lots to do to get ourselves back in the swing of things here.  The desert is really suffering from lack of rain in this area.  I walked out behind the park this morning and everything is dried out and bleak looking.  I haven't been out with the RZR to see what its like further east.

Highway 318 goes through this gorge north of Hiko, NV and I've always intended to stop but either we are in a hurry or the light isn't right so this time I took the opportunity.

This mallard was in Penticton Creek and I have taken it from a video I shot.  When it is difficult to get a sharp photo of a moving target under low light conditions, I have found that selecting a frame from a video works quite well at times.


  1. Nice that you are back in Florence for the winter, wish we could be there this winter as well. We have good friend from Kelowna Contesa and Colin are having bad luck this year with weather and their coach not far behind you as well. Enjoy your winter fun there.

    1. Yes I have been following their trip and glad we were two days ahead of them!