Tuesday, April 2, 2019


We crossed the border Friday at Oroville, WA just south of Osoyoos, BC.  It was a smooth crossing with the only questions pertaining to guns and alcohol and the value of goods we were bringing across.  We have been enjoying visiting with our friends Karen and Bev.  It's handy that they live only a couple blocks apart.  Aileen's cousin Bev came for a visit yesterday.
I went geocaching on Saturday which is where today's photos came from.  I found the day a little over strenuous as it was mostly up and down and lots of steep.  I gained about 1250 vertical feet and of course dropped that amount.  After just over 9 kms of that, I was pooped.
We went to the Cellar Friday night with Bev and Karen and have had a couple of shared meals since.  The days have been sunny so far with frosty mornings so it has been pretty cool in the motor home every morning.  The forecast says we are in for several rainy days starting tomorrow.  Planning for more of that, I installed new wiper blades on the motor home.
We are moving up to Salmon Arm on Sunday where we will probably spend the rest of April.  Yearly doctor visit, dentist,  income tax and visiting friends are all on the list.

Looking across Skaha Lake from Eastside Rd, that's a skiff of ice in the distance

Looking north up Skaha Lake toward Penticton, BC

Looking south down Skaha Lake toward Okanagan Falls, BC and yes, that is the same tree.


View north up Skaha Lake

One of many little ponds I wandered by

Still  a bit of ice

Dead Ponderosa Pine

Looking north up Skaha Lake

From the summit looking down on Okanagan Falls.  If you look closely on the ridge right side halfway up, there are four bighorn sheep.

From the summit looking up to Penticton

Looking across to Kalenden

Zooming in on Penticton, Skaha Lake this side and Okanagan Lake on the far side

Zoomed tighter on Penticton

Ducks on a frozen pond below the summit


  1. Welcome back to Canada and a nice easy border crossing.

  2. Glad you made it Safely back to BC. Enjoy the hikes and Scenery.

    It's about time

  3. What wonderful scenery. Your pictures are gorgeous!