Monday, March 18, 2019


Yes, time to head north.  We plan to leave here this Friday.   Finally, this week, now that we are about to leave, the weather is going to get up to seasonal norms.  I think this has been the coldest, windiest and wettest winter we have had in our twelve years coming south!  The wind is still with us but the temperatures are supposed to get up to the mid 80s this week.
RV club friends from Vancouver Island, Bev and Dan, have wintered in Mesa and we got together with them a few times.  We took them on a road trip last Saturday exploring some of the back roads to the southeast of Florence.  We took a picnic lunch and enjoyed a peaceful drive.  Very few other vehicles out there and the flowers were coming on nicely.
This week will be hectic as is usual for our last week in the park.  Properties have been selling quickly this year and several of our friends have decided to give up their winter homes mostly due to age or health issues.  Tonight is our last ATV club potluck.  Today is probably my last club ride of the season.  Aileen and I hope to get out once more before we put the RZR to bed for the summer.

Aileen was thrilled to see this Desert Tortoise up close and personal.  She had been wanting to see one for years and suddenly here was one in front of us.

American Kestrel

Unknown flower

Good year for poppies

This little guy was chowing down on this poppy

Poppy field

Male Phainopepla

Some of our desert scenery

Along Barkerville Rd SE of Florence, AZ



Scorpionweed with lupines in front



Ray Mine

Ray Copper Mine

Can you see the monster loader and truck?


Lupines and poppies

Whitlow Ranch Rd




Sunday, March 3, 2019


Yes, for the second time in just over six weeks I have come down with another nasty cold.   Once again, Aileen got it first then and she still has symptoms but improving,  Mine continues to get worse.  This one is worse than the last as I'm coughing more and the warm (finally) weather makes me cough more.  I missed attending ATV friend Aubrey's memorial yesterday.  We did watch the spring fling parade go past us by looking out the window.  I  didn't take a single photo either.  No energy or whatever.
I spend most of my day either reading or dozing, it seems.  It's pretty frustrating since we are getting down to so few days left before heading north.  We were going to take a couple day road trip in the car while our neighbour pours a cement slab beside the motor home but I don't feel up to it.
The first couple of photos and the last group were taken on a road trip last week with our friends, Richard and Judy.  We went south of Tucson then did a circle through the grasslands to the east of Highway 19.  The gopher, jack rabbit and Coolidge photos were taken while waiting for the Honda CRV to have an oil change.
Several of my ATV friends welcomed me back but are disappointed than I'm not able to be out leading.  Well, I am too since I have so few rides left.

A surprise waterfall on Box Canyon Rd south of Tucson

Rock Squirrel


Red-tailed Hawks playing in the wind

Sunset behind our park

Round-tailed Ground Squirrel (gopher)

Black-tailed Jack Rabbit

Old house near Coolidge, AZ

ATV club evening cookout

San Xavier del Bac, south if Tucson

Aileen, Richard and Judy

Mexican Jay

Southeastern AZ hill country

Southeast of Tucson

Loggerhead Shrike


Monday, February 25, 2019


Not to be left out, we have had a series of record breaking storms here in Arizona.  The last one dumped 2.07 inches of rain on us.  Places like Flagstaff up in the high country broke all time daily records for snowfall.  I think Flagstaff got 38.2 inches in one day.  We took a drive up to the nearest snow area yesterday afternoon just for a peek.  A gazillion other people had the same idea and it was very busy!
After having cool temperatures ever since we returned from Quartzsite, we are looking forward to some warmer temperatures that are forecast.  I hope it gets warm enough to get the wildflower bloom going full out so we get to see some of it before we leave.  I will lead my first club ride this morning and we have a busy week planned with getting the car serviced tomorrow then a club cookout in the desert behind the park tomorrow evening.  Aileen and I and another couple plan to ride Wednesday then we have friends Geoff and Dodie coming to visit on Thursday.  I will lead another ride on Friday.
I don't imagine it will slow down now for the rest of our time here.  Card games, potlucks, outings and more rides are all on the agenda.  Several places have sold in the park this year and some of them have sold fast.  Our neighbour put up a sign one day and about ten minutes later it was sold.  Another took three days.   Rentals are getting snapped up as soon as they come along.  If you don't have a rental booked a year in advance, it is very difficult to find a decent one.

Filaree makes a pink carpet in the desert

We lucked out and got to see two lambs

Two lambs, two mothers

Desert Bighorn ram

We flirted with the storm but fortunately it held off

Not sure what this pretty flower is

Mexican poppy

Red-tailed Hawk

Price Rd was well flooded after the rain

This is one of our usual crossings of the Gila River.  Probably over six feet deep and very strong current now.

Mexican poppies just opening

After a storm, shot from the highway

Our car windshield from inside the car

Car windshield from outside in front

Car roof

A Hibiscus looking bush in the park next door

Sunset out behind the park

Interesting rock formations on Hwy 60 east of Superior, AZ

We went for a look at the snow east of Superior yesterday

With all the rain and now melting snow, there were some rare waterfalls along Hwy 60 east of Superior