Sunday, May 19, 2019


Here are some more images from our past few days.  After finally getting caught up editing photos today, I switched gears and worked on my financial report for the RV club as I will have to give it at our AGM held during our rally in June.  I phoned and reserved our spot for the rally so another item off the list.  I will need to get up to the rally area and do some planning for activities for the members since that is my job this time.
We stopped and visited Janet and John last night to see what they though of the John Denver show.  I think they were as enthusiastic as we were! 

This bald eagle was down below us when we were on the top bridge at Englishman River Falls

The upper falls from the bridge

This trillium is fading fast

Victoria, BC reflections

The Empress Hotel Victoria, BC

Provincial Legislature in Victoria, BC

This is what is on top in the previous photo

Inner Harbour Victoria, BC

Pansies on the promenade

Victoria, BC

An oil slick on a puddle in a parking lot

Arriving in Victoria, BC from Vancouver

Float homes in front of some condos

Peacock in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, BC

Detail on his back


Victoria, BC Chinatown

Looking through the gate out of Chinatown

Dragon Alley

Older part of  Victoria, BC

This camper was overnighting down near the waterfront.  He was on a two year trip from Argentina to Canada, bet he has some stories.

The Empress from the waterfront

The Empress from in front of the Provincial Legislature

Provincial Legislature

Provincial Legislature detail in end section

This historic building was stripped back to just the exterior walls.  I wondered if they were going to rebuild using the old walls or if it just hadn't been totally demolished yet.

Another old part of Victoria
Richard and Georgia took us to Uplands Park before Aileen's eye appointment on Friday.  The Camas was still looking well.

Camas and Oak trees

Saturday, May 18, 2019


My sister Janet and husband John had tickets to a John Denver tribute show at a theatre in Victoria for last Wednesday evening then John won a set of tickets for the theatre in Nanaimo last night which is much closer.   Not wanting the tickets to go to waste, they offered them to us.  It took us a while to wrap our heads around the gift and since we were going to Victoria anyway on Friday for Aileen's eye appointment, Aileen came up with the idea of staying in a hotel for a couple of nights.  We got a hotel close enough that we could walk to the concert.  The show itself was excellent!
While we were in Victoria, we got together with Richard, Robin and Georgia.  We also picked up our friend Bev D and went for lunch.  We enjoyed morning walks along the Victoria waterfront although the weather wasn't the greatest.  Yesterday when we first got to the first pier, a sudden gust of wind ripped my cap off and deposited it in the ocean.  Not being an easy access down to the shore, not wanting to go wading in the cold slimy water and not wanting to carry a wet hat for another hour, I bid the hat a fond farewell and carried on.
Last year at a local home show, we chatted with a contractor who specializes in cabinet refinishing in place.  We hunted him up at this year's show and we now have really gleaming, new looking cabinet doors.  He touched up and put the protective coat on all the matching wall coverings.  Living full time in an RV requires such expenditures over time since they aren't designed for full time use.
The photos in this post are from the past couple of weeks but don't include any from this week's trip to Victoria.  Those are still sitting waiting for editing.

Sea Blush Harewood Plains

Sea Blush and  Yellow Monkey Flowers Harewood Plains

Sea Blush and  Yellow Monkey Flowers with a few Camas at Harewood Plains, Nanaimo


Yellow Monkey Flower

Fairy Slipper, calypso bulbosa

Sea Blush and  Yellow Monkey Flowers Harewood Plains

Shooting Stars, Cedar, BC

Shooting Star

Camas and Oak Mt Tolmie, Victoria


Chipping Sparrow, I think, Mt Tolmie

Unknown flower Mt Tolmie

Looking up into a Narcissus 

Rhododendron closeups

American Dipper, Englishman River

Englishman River

Yellow Violets nestled up to a Sword Fern while ATVing in the hills

Steller's Jay while ATVing in the hills

Salmon Berry

Indian Paintbrush

Close up of a tiny stream in the mountains

Lichen on a rock


Chestnut here at Charlie and Sheila's

Maidenhair Fern along Englishman River

Vanilla Leaf flower, Englishman River

Sword Fern, Englishman River