Sunday, September 2, 2018


We moved up to Cousin Bill’s on Thursday afternoon after Aileen and her friend Bev D went for haircuts in Qualicum and lunch in Parksville.
On Friday evening we noticed online there were a couple of large cruise ships working their way south so we went to the pier in Campbell River to wait for them.  It was pretty dark by the time they arrived so difficult for pictures.  It was nice sitting out there watching all the other boat traffic go by and watching all the people who came out for a stroll on the pier.  The ice cream stand was doing a good business.
Aileen wanted to go for a drive and do a bit of geocaching yesterday so we went up past Campbell River and drove up a logging road.  We found seven.   We had taken lunch fixings so found a nice quiet side road and sat in our chairs enjoying the peace and quiet of the forest.    Aileen put some ribs in the crockpot yesterday and had sweet potato salad and what our friends call funeral salad ready.  Bill and Tony came and enjoyed the feast with us last night.
I went to a car show in Campbell River this morning.  There were about 400 vehicles on display.  I saw my cousin Rob and his family then later chatted with Bill and Tony.  Bill was zipping along on his mobility scooter.  I was wishing I had the use of one by then as my knees were complaining after a couple hours shuffling along on the pavement.
After lunch I took my geocaching pack and drove up by the Storey Creek golf course.  I walked a trail that went all the way around the outside of the course in the trees putting on 7.11 kms and finding nineteen caches.  I wasn’t long home when it commenced to rain.  Didn’t rain too much but I would have been soaked if I was still walking.  The trail was made by mountain bikers and I’m very glad I decided to walk as it certainly wasn’t a trail I would be capable of riding.  It would have been a long way to push my old bike.
Tomorrow we move down to Seal Bay RV Park to participate in our RV club fall rally.  We will be there until Saturday morning then we will possibly move back here to Bill’s or maybe Miracle Beach Provincial Park for a few days.  Maybe we will know by Saturday morning.

We sat at the beach in Qualicum the other evening to watch the sunset

This paddle boarder gave me a subject to play with

The sun looked a little angry as it set

Setting sun and a piling

As it was getting dark at the pier

The ice cream stand at the pier just before closing time

Late evening fishermen

The Star Princess on its way to Vancouver from Alaska

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