Saturday, March 31, 2018


We headed over the Blue Mtns today intending to stay in the campground at Wildhorse Casino near Pendleton, OR.  However, the campground was closed for major renovations and since we didn't feel like driving further and looking for another spot for the night, we decided to park in the RV dry parking lot.  In hindsight, not a good move as it is super crowded and RVs are still arriving.
Somewhere along our route today, we passed Jacquie and Jim headed the other way in their car on their way to Quartzsite to retrieve their motor home as they had taken a different one home to make a project out of.

Yesterday morning at Wells with the sun shining on the Ruby Mtns

In the casino parking lot this afternoon.  The red Dodge diesel had an issue with the transmission and wouldn't move on its own.  That guy worked his butt off getting it on the trailer using a come-a-long.

When it was on, it looked like the trailer was overloaded

Adjoining the casino is farm land all around

There is a truck plaza at the lower end of the property with lots of trucks parked for supper or the night

Nice row of trees bordering the property

Did I say it was crowded here?

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