Tuesday, March 13, 2018


The past couple days have seen much warmer weather here.  Aileen has been running the air conditioner.  She hasn't had it on very much all season other than when we first arrived.  I think we are down to less than two weeks here.  We might be pulling out well before that.  So far, no schedule has developed.  I have been looking at maps and plotting a course north that would give us a wee bit of new scenery.  There are roads we haven't traveled but there is a reason for that.  Either too much chance of snow or not RV friendly.
Getting down to just days left, I've been riding more days trying to store it up for the long dry spell before I get to ride again.  There just aren't any flowers happening yet.  I did see the odd poppy yesterday but even they were mostly just one flower and no more in sight.  Normally by now there are whole hillsides in bloom.  Maybe next year?

This Prickly Pear Cactus was just starting to bloom in someone's yard in Florence Gardens yesterday morning.  Even the domestic cactus are late blooming this year.

Captured this Roadrunner yesterday morning at the start of our ride

Lunchtime yesterday.  I had seventeen machines along.

Took these saguaros at lunchtime yesterday

Some of us got to see the first Saguaros in bloom for this Spring yesterday afternoon

In a an old mine shaft looking out

Some of my seventeen machines

While waiting to have the car serviced today in Coolidge, I went for a stroll over to some abandoned buildings

I also wandered the other direction to the roping arena where they were doing some team roping


This young kid looked to be preteen but boy, could he rope.  He was up in every second or third team and I only saw him miss once.  He was roping the hind feet after his partner got the head.

Waiting their turn

As soon as they were done, the rider would flick the rope off the legs and the steer would trot over to the gate.  They seemed to enjoy the game.

On Sunday, there were some nice clouds floating in the sky so I hopped in the RZR and went out toward the mountains to try my luck.  Unfortunately, the closer I got, the faster the clouds dissipated.  But I tried anyway.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


My friend Richard and I went off on our own this past Thursday on a photo and geocaching trip.  We checked out several dead end trails that I couldn't easily take bigger groups on.  Many times I have gone by with lots of ATVs strung out behind me and wondered what might be up this or that trail.
These images were taken over a span of 2 and 1/2 hours and I was pretty excited to get up close and personal with the Javelinas.  I had spotted them at a distance and after looking over the terrain, thought I might be able to drop off the ridge I was on, down through a ravine and up the next ridge, and be in the midst of the six.  It worked perfectly and for the first time I was able to stand still and have Javelinas come to me.  I happened to have my old 5D Mk 2 camera with the 100-400 lens with me and it was in its element.

Red-tailed Hawk

Javelina testing a prickly pear cactus

Taking a bite

Yep, was tasty

Getting a little amorous

Wicked tooth

Matched pair

Can you see all four?

This is a series of a fast moving young bighorn ram

Further along I spotted these sheep on the skyline

Digging out my little superzoom Canon SX 50, I captured a closer image of the big sheep in the lower left of the last photo

This is my second post of the day.  If you scroll down a bit, you will find more photos posted today.


Our time is getting pretty short for this neck of the woods.  We will probably be heading north within the next couple of weeks. The desert is nearly barren of flowers so far because of the extended drought and cool weather.  I doubt there will be many flowers blooming in the time we have left. 
Aileen's legs continue to misbehave so she isn't enjoying her time here as it is so hard to get out and about.  We have played a few games of cards and we do drive her down to the pool every night in the car.  Being in the pool does help.  We are lucky to have a friend who will come and take Mitzy to the dog run midday so I can continue to lead ATV rides.

I climbed up above the road through Box Canyon

Lichen covered rocks in Box Canyon

I got very close to some Desert Bighorn Sheep last Monday

Gambel's Quail out behind our park

Little cactus blooming in Florence Gardens

Closer and closer

A good stand of Saguaro cactus on a south slope

Out in our riding area

Box Canyon

Cute little cactus in Florence Gardens

Looking up the Gila River valley alongside South Butte

My Friday group taking a break

Copper Basin Railway trestle over the Gila River