Sunday, February 11, 2018


Yes, another busy week for us.  I led a group of twenty one ATVs on Monday which went well.  Nobody got lost and no mishaps.  On Tuesday, Aileen and I took friends Mitch and Carol to Tucson for lunch at the Gourmet Girls Restaurant.  The restaurant is completely gluten free so celiacs don't have to ask any questions about the food or prep.
On Wednesday we went with our Colorado friends to another performance at Barleen's Arizona Opry.  This was a country music show and it was as good as the variety show we saw a couple weeks ago.  Our friend Marie has been in and out of hospital the past week and has now been diagnosed with type A flu.  Another Colorado couple came down and we got to visit a short while with them.  They were to come back today but she took ill so they are on their way back to Colorado instead.
On Friday I led a small group, just four other ATVs, over the mountains to Superior.  It was only about 34 miles there and we did over half of it in the first hour.  However, it is quite rough and the last half took us another 3 1/2 hours.  After lunch in a restaurant, we came home a different route that took 3 1/2 hours so it was a pretty long day.  I was already tired as the night before, Marie was taken to hospital by ambulance and later I drove Ken over to check on her.  It was nearly 1 am when we got home so after 1 when I got to bed then I was up by 6:30 to get ready to go to Superior.   No trouble getting to sleep that night!
Only five or six weeks before we start making our way north to the border!  Time is whizzing by.

The cast at Barleen's put on a rousing, high energy show

From the high spot looking down on the Ajax Mine and out on to the flat land near Florence while on our way over the mountains to Superior

And now looking toward Superior

Superior way off in the top left

On the way to Superior

Superior is getting closer

Almost there

Cooper's Hawk out behind Caliente when Mitzy and I were on our before breakfast walk

Aren't we pretty?

An Ocotillo bloom on a barren stem.  No green showing on the Ocotillo yet because of the extended drought but the odd one is blooming anyway.

Some of the trails radiating out from Box Canyon Wash

Twenty one machines seeking shade for lunch

Looking up to the bottom of Box Canyon

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