Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Aileen and I went to the clubhouse for the New Years dance and enjoyed some good fellowship with friends.  We danced quite a few and were on the floor until it ended at 12:15 am.  Aileen is still paying the price as one knee is giving her a lot of grief.  We went to the pool after the dance and I enjoyed the hot tub while Aileen used the pool.  It was 1 am when we got home from the pool.
We cooked a ten pound ham in the electric roaster yesterday and we had a great meal at 1 pm at Ken and Marie's.  Our friends Richard and Judy joined us for lunch and we had a nice visiting afternoon.  We were going to play cards but just didn't get to it.
I had taken some photos at the dance including several videos so I spent quite a while editing and uploading them to the Caliente Facebook page, much to the humour of certain people. 

Aileen and Mitzy were off on the trike and had stopped to visit Marie when she noticed this in the sky.  She had Marie call me and I grabbed the SX50 and zipped out the door to capture this Fire Rainbow, also called an Iridescent Cloud.

Highly magnified in camera, the hummingbird's motion has made the image a bit soft but it is kind of neat to see him all fluffed out.

North and South Buttes off in the distance on our ride last Friday.

Some Fall colour along the Gila River last Thursday

The view northeast across the Gila River

I clambered up on the hill for this view, see the ATVs down there?

Closer view

Another view north and east across the Gila from South Butte

Looking west down the Gila River.  The Copper Basin Railway tracks are tucked in at the base of the cliff.

Male House Finch, I believe.

Grumpy looking Curved-bill Thrasher

Male Gila Woodpecker

Showing his red topknot

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