Thursday, August 16, 2018


Tomorrow we are going up to Cluxewe Campsite near Port McNeill for a few days for a change of scenery.  We'll be using the Telus aircard for most of our internet so may not have great service for a while.  We will be back down to Errington on the 27th at the latest as Aileen has an appointment in Victoria on the 28th.  The following Monday, Labour Day, we will be going to Seal Bat RV Park for our Escapees RV Club chapter fall rally.  No idea yet what comes after that.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


We’ve been spending lots of time on the road between Errington and Victoria.  Aileen had her cataract surgeries in June and July and we thought that was it.   Nope!  She kept having issues and finally last Thursday she called our daughter in law who told her to come in that afternoon to the clinic.  After checking Aileen’s eyes, they referred her to a retina specialist and they tried to get her in the same day.  They finally gave us an appointment for 9:30 Friday so off on the 2 ½ hour drive back to the motor home in Errington and then on the road at 6:30 Friday morning heading back to Victoria.    The retina specialist found a tear in the right eye retina and said it required immediate surgery.  The eye surgery at Royal Jubilee Hospital was closed for a summer break but the surgeon opened it and did her laser repair at 3 pm.  That seemed to go well.  Yesterday, we were back to Victoria to the clinic again for a checkup and they removed the protein buildup off her left eye with the laser.  She now has a follow up appointment for October 1 and if there is any protein buildup left on either eye, they will remove it then.

This has definitely been a different summer for us.  We are hoping to get up to the north Island still but are waiting to make sure the eyes are behaving first.  Like a lot of areas, Vancouver Island is suffering from too much smoke.

One day last week, I went to Nanaimo with brother in law John R to watch the Canadian Forces aerial team, the Snowbirds,  perform.  They put on a pretty impressive performance for about 45 minutes.  Not having seen them before, I had no idea what camera/lens combination would work so I took all three.  The DSLR 6D, with the 24-105 didn’t have enough reach.  The Canon SX60 super zoom had the reach but it was too slow and the viewfinder too small to find the planes in the air.  The other DSLR, 5D Mk2, and 100-400 worked the best.  I still ended up having to crop quite a bit to get a usable image but it mostly came through for me.  On Sunday, I went to the local Coombs Fall Fair.  It doesn’t have a midway and rides so has a more laid back atmosphere.  There was some good music presented on the nice little band shell and it has a large 4H presence including beef, sheep, chicken, small engines, photography, art and more. 
This is the first post using my new laptop.  My workhorse old laptop is starting to malfunction and the screen starts blinking and flashing and even once went blank except for vertical lines.  The company I have been with lately doesn't custom build laptops anymore as they would have to buy a whole container load at a time so they have a couple they have selected to work with.  I went with a Hauwei (pronounced wa wee).  I am once again struggling with learning different ways of doing things and I am slowly migrating programs and files over.  I would really have liked to go with a mini tower and monitor but there are too many times when we don't have abundant electricity so once again it is a laptop where I can use it on the built in battery.

While sitting outside one day, I happened to glance up from my book and saw this neat sky 

Flying upside down

Two rightside up and two upside down

Heading right at each other

A couple of close flybys

In formation

After the upside down loop

Two against two

One each way up

Last flyby

These two were taken with the SX60, all the above were with the Canon 5D Mk2 and 100-400

Sunday, August 5, 2018


I went to Nanaimo the other day for some groceries and was very surprised to see my old friends John and Alethea T from Penticton in one of the stores.  John and I were friends through the Okanagan Photo Association even though we were at opposite ends of the region.  They have relocated to Gabriola Island which is a short ferry ride from Nanaimo.  Aileen and I hope to get over for a visit this week.
The forecast rain didn't happen although the temperatures did moderate for a while.  The forecast calls for a return to higher temperatures most of this coming week.  Guess we'll stay put so Aileen can use the A/C.
Another of my brothers in law has taken up geocaching so he and I went out the other day to show him the ropes.  I rode my bike over to the Coombs Fairgrounds yesterday to take in the car show which turned out to be pretty good.  After that, I rode down to the Errington Farmers Market and listened to live music for a while.
I spent some time last night backing up my recent photos as my computer is starting to act up.  I visited the computer store the other day and now I'm trying to decide whether to stay with a laptop with a small screen or make the move to a mini tower with a 27 inch monitor.  I still need a laptop for portability and the tower would require power all the time.  The laptop can be charged during daylight with the solar then used for hours unplugged.  Decisions! 

Three boys playing on a log in the setting sun at Qualicum Beach the other night


1948 Plymouth

Chrysler Royal

Tricked out Chevy S10 pickup, the whole back was speakers

1941 Chev pickup

Flashy paint job

1947 Plymouth woody wagon

1928 Ford pickup

1926 Ford 

1935 Chev

Engine side panel 1935 Ford

1935 Ford

1935 Ford

Three shots of an old Auburn

Four AMC Javelins 

1934 Ford

Early T-Bird

1931 Ford

There's a picture of me in there

I'm in this photo too

Car show reflections

Nicely restored

1941 Ford

Sunday, July 29, 2018


Actually, I visited two other islands.  Charlie invited me along when he went to check one of his current construction jobs on Hornby Island the other day.  We took a ferry first to Denman Island then drove across it to catch the ferry to Hornby.  While he conferred with his crew, I wandered the property and along the beach below.
We've been laying a bit low with the warmer temperatures and the motor home air conditioning is getting a workout.  It malfunctioned the other day so I was up on the roof yesterday taking the covers off and Charlie brought his air compressor over so we could blow things out.  It worked fine in the afternoon when needed.
We have a friend closing up her parents home with things to dispose of so one night Charlie and I went down and removed what we could then another day my brother in law, John R and I took away a couple loads of firewood.
Last night, Aileen and I picked up my sister Sue and John R and went to play cards at my sister Janet and John H's house.   John H won the game of 2500 while the ladies trounced us guys in Hand and Foot.

We spied this Mink while waiting for our first ferry

Overgrown doorway

1953 Ford Jublilee tractor 

Immature Bald Eagle

And a closer shot

Down on the ocean's edge

This search and rescue plane was on maneuvers circling Hornby while I was on the beach 

I saw this Mink while wandering the beach on Hornby

I think this must be some type of seaweed.  It made loud crunching noises when he was eating it.

Looking from Hornby Island to Chrome Island lighthouse at the toe of Denman Island and over to Vancouver Island

Mature Bald Eagle

Chrome Island Lighthouse framed from Hornby

Some old Hornby houses

An old oak tree on Hornby that I played with in Photoshop

The same tree taken from the other side 

A spiral Arbutus tree

Closeup of the Arbutus.  The green is the new bark while the red is the old bark being shed.  An Arbutus in a deciduous evergreen in that it has leaves but it doesn't drop them every year.

The Ford Jubilee framed by some Arbuitus 
A couple of moon shots taken the night before full.  Handheld