Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Yes, a rare occurrence, but we actually have company coming to visit for a couple weeks.  My sister Susan and husband John are flying into Phoenix tonight .    This will be quite a change from the blustery, stormy weather they are leaving on Vancouver Island.  Over eighty days since measurable rain here and it is very dusty on the desert trails.  I was glad to be the leader on yesterday's club ride.
We are looking forward to playing tourist with Sue and John while they are here.  John enjoys ATVing so we will be out on the trails fairly often, I'm sure.
Aileen is really enjoying her new three wheel bike and Mitzy thinks its great to ride instead of walking all the time.  Aileen and I are still working on my Mom's diaries and while Aileen is about four years ahead of me getting them typed, I finished proofing and printed 1999 yesterday.  It ended at page 5,334.  Yes that is a lot of text!  The diary was started by my Dad in 1946 then taken over by Mom shortly after.  There is an amazing amount of family history in the diaries which often makes interesting reading.  We have been working off and on with her diaries for over twenty years, but we are starting to see the end approaching.  Mom's mental state is deteriorating as she writes in 2004 but she is still trying to document hers and Dad's daily life.

Grandma's new ride

Mitzy thinks this is great

Male Gila Woodpecker

Female Gila Woodpecker

Morning break on yesterday's ride

Playing in the rocky wash.  Maureen took this of me with my camera.

Linda having fun

Way in the distance I thought I was looking at a cow.  When it didn't move, I put the zoom on it and discovered it was a Jeep that had rolled hundreds of feet down the hill.  Looks like it has been there for some time.  I'm guessing it was probably stolen and driven out here and sent over the edge.

Down a tricky spot

The cows we are seeing the past couple of years are in much better shape than they were before that.  A new rancher took over and he seems to be doing things better.

The view along one of my favourite ridges just above Box Canyon

Interesting sky this morning

When Mitzy and I were walking in the desert behind the park this morning, this Hummingbird was keeping an eye on us.

We also got this long shot of a Loggerhead Shrike on our walk