Wednesday, November 2, 2016


We arrived back at our winter home base in Florence, AZ on Monday morning.  It was 90+F most of the afternoon.  Fortunately, the temperature has abated slightly so it is more manageable.  We have been working at getting things set back to normal.   I swept, vacuumed and hosed the walls and floor in the carport of the park model then did the one next door as I expected them to arrive shortly.  They did the next day.  That way I got the bulk of the debris out of their carport and got our park model wall washed before they were parked in there.
We needed to so some shopping, so yesterday I combined that with searching for a new bike.  Boy, I didn't know it would be so hard.  It seems in the six or so years since I bought the last one that they have changed the style of bikes as I couldn't find any that would mount on my bike rack.  After scouring Coolidge and Casa Grand, I went online and holy smokes, the prices!  I took the RZR up to air up the tires and take it for a little spin out in the desert to ensure things were working correctly.  As I was making my way through the park homeward, I spotted a bike similar to what I was looking for sitting in front of a park model with a sign on it for sale $50.  It won't mount to my rack either but perhaps I can make it fit with a bit of time to study on it.  If not, I will just leave it down here to use in the park.
Two of our Colorado friends are looking for winter rentals down here so I put a notice on the Caliente Facebook page and I sent out a blanket email to all my ATV group.  I received several replies so consequently, yesterday afternoon and this morning saw us looking at the ones that were offered.  We narrowed it down for one of the friends this morning and I went and took some photos that I sent off to them and it would appear that as of this afternoon, they have their winter abode tied up. 
I will likely post another photo heavy blog tomorrow showcasing our visit to Canyon de Chelly.  I may go out with the ATV group tomorrow as well.

Our friend Ernie took me out to a place where he had seen petrified wood in the past.   This was over in Utah about forty miles west of Grand Junction.  We didn't find any except for small pieces but we sure did see some interesting country.  The light was gorgeous for these first two images but then it hazed over.

Lots of striped hills in different shades of red

This balancing rock was held in place by a little bit of hard dirt

Lots of large rocks littering the landscape.  The car is rather tiny among them. 

Moving along to Canyon de Chelly, this is an overview of Mummy Cave ruins taken with my Canon 6D    Access to some of these ruins looks pretty scary to me.  I imagine they used a series of ladders in some instances but the ladders could have been pretty scary themselves.

The closeups of Mummy Cave ruins were taken with my Canon SX50 with the longer lens to get closer

I find it amazing how square most of the lines are.  Did they have squares and levels and tape measures way back then?   I don't think so.

This section was the only one that seemed to go big in circular lines