Wednesday, October 19, 2016


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Saturday night seven couples of us gathered at Ernie and Atha's for supper and cards.  We had a great evening.

I drive by this vineyard often and the morning light was irresistible 

This Chipmunk was was nearly 10,500 feet elevation

On my way up to Grand Mesa on Monday

Every road you see is part of the single road to the top of Grand Mesa.  With photos and geocaches, it took me three hours to get to the top.

The top

Looking back at the road system from along the rim

Looking NE

And SW, note the car for scale

Across part of the mesa

Heading down the other side on a paved road.  The leaves are long gone here.

Nearing the community of Collbran, CO

I spotted this Bighorn Sheep ram yesterday as I was heading up Hwy 141

Is this the original longneck?

Can you find the longneck on the cliff face?

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