Saturday, May 7, 2016


We've been keeping very busy up here at Cluxewe Campground near Port McNeill, BC.  My brother in law and I have been doing quite a bit of geocaching mostly on trails so getting lots of walking in.  We have been having roaring good campfires most nights enjoying sitting and visiting.  We had one day of rain earlier in the week and it is raining this afternoon again.  We had a nice sunny morning and it was hard to believe the weather forecast, but, as it turned out, the forecast was right on.  Hopefully the pure sunshine in the forecast for the next several days is also accurate.
John went out and caught four large crabs a couple mornings ago at low tide and we enjoyed really tasty crab salad for supper that evening.  He went and got four more this morning so that's our supper again tonight.
Today from 11-1 was John and Anne's local Harley Motorcycle club show and shine and while the weather was okay for the meet, some of the bikers will be riding home in the rain.  Some where along the way I have picked up a nasty little bug that has me coughing and feeling puny today.

Brother in law, John and I had gone geocaching out past here one evening and rather than take the difficult trail in near darkness, opted to walk back along the beach.  We had to climb up the back side of this rock bluff then came along the water's edge in the photo.  The Yellow Monkey flowers were looking great in the low light so I took a shot with a very slow shutter speed.  

Salal flowers

A nest of frog's eggs in a pond.  It looks like the tadpoles are starting to mature and will soon be hatching out.

There was a geocache near this big old Western Red Cedar and quite a large opening inside that John is standing in.

This little Hummingbird stopped to rest a while on my bike carrier at our campsite

I got this Bald Eagle closeup as he was eyeing Mitzy on our morning walk

We had a couple of very windy days with big waves.
Rather than the usual wave photos, I played around with long exposure settings to obtain some unusual effects

I took this shot at nearly dark using a 25 second long exposure and the big waves have been flattened out

Yesterday, Aileen and I took her sister Anne and John over to Malcolm Island and the village of Sointula.  This is the Quadra Queen II that we went over on and Sointula is visible in the background.

Here we are leaving Port McNeill

Sointula boat harbour

Looking along the waterfront in Sointula, BC

As you can see, Sointula has long been a fishing village

Looking along the main street in Sointula.  The stop light is for controlling access to the ferry.

A long abandoned boat works on the beach in Sointula.  For an interesting read, google Sointula.  It was settled by Finnish people looking for Utopia.