Friday, February 19, 2016


We ended up staying longer than planned in Quartzsite as we wanted to get our solar checked out by Discount Solar, the people who made it work so well a few years ago.  We added two more panels to help us recharge faster as the house fridge is using more energy with this warmer weather.  We intend to return to our lot in Florence, AZ tomorrow.  Then it is only about four weeks until we begin our trek north once again.  We hope to make a more leisurely trip north this year, stopping off a bit here and there before we get to the cold country where it just makes more sense to keep on driving and get it over with.

The country around Quartzsite has a barren look but if one takes the time to look and appreciate, there is a wealth of texture and subtle colour.

While geocaching I found some nicely weathered boards on a corral loading chute

This was one of the loading chute posts

This was taken this morning from where we are parked looking north.  Thunder was rumbling but no drops made it to us.  We did have just a few yesterday morning but it had no effect on settling the dust which is pretty bad now. 

A couple hours later this morning while out geocaching, I found this pretty Brittlebush in flower.

A few minutes later I found this Fairy Duster blooming.

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