Saturday, February 6, 2016


Aileen and I have both recovered quite quickly once we turned the corner with that nasty bug.  We took the motor home to the dump station in Quartzsite yesterday to empty our waste tanks and fill the fresh water tank.  We are now parked in the very back end of Hi Jolly BLM campsite.  Jacquie and Jim and Maurice and Dian are parked out closer to the front and we joined them last night for two games of Sets.  Jacquie and Dian were the winners shutting the rest of us out.
I went on another ATV trail research ride today and came up with another dandy trail to take the group on next week.  Unfortunately, it tied into my second ride so I will combine that section into ride two.   Now I have to check out another part of the area to flesh out that third ride.  There is lots of area to work with out there and I heard about an interesting trail yesterday that I must check out.
Our weather is finally getting to be more like it should be for this time of year.  Still pretty cool in the morning but the sun has some genuine warmth in it once it gets up and heating.

The road to the west of Plomosa Rd goes through several small sand dunes

My target is the pass just this side of the dominant peak 

That white square in the center is a game watering collector.  Rain falls on the metal and is funneled into a large holding tank underneath, then trickled out to a water trough for the wildlife in the area.

Looking toward Quinn Pass

Quinn Pass is atop that road 

From atop the road at Quinn Pass looking back to where I have come from.  I came through that low pass this side of the pointy peak