Saturday, October 10, 2015


We're in Malad City, ID tonight about 100 miles north of Salt Lake City and 13 miles from the Utah border.  We traveled 396 kms today which is about 248 miles.  We had a head wind buffeting us for much of the day which made for more difficult driving.   This is a pretty little town but the old commercial section had been mostly let go with lots of vacant buildings and many in disrepair.  The older residential sections still seem pretty vibrant and the residents are very friendly with most people waving as you pass by.  Even the kids call out a friendly greeting.  I walked part of the town this afternoon and rode my bike around more if it after supper which is where all these photos came from. Tomorrow should put us in Wellington, UT with a short drive the next day getting us to our destination of Grand Junction, CO. 

I rode to the upper part of town and this is looking down one of the streets

This old log structure has been whitewashed or painted

Some of the old downtown

The very wide main street, probably so they could turn a wagon team around on it

The rest are on a side street that was still showing some life

Big old Co-op store

Old drug store

Nice display in front of the flower shop

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