Monday, October 19, 2015


We had a fairly quiet weekend here.  I didn't go out in bushes as hunting season got into full swing Saturday and they have already shot a couple of hunters.  Yesterday morning we met some of our friends for brunch after they finished attending church.  Last night, Aileen and I visited Ernie and Atha over in Palisade and we played three games of cards.  Today, Aileen and I took a drive up on to Grand Mesa which towers above the Grand Valley.  We saw 10, 384 feet on the GPS and there were bits of fresh snow in the trees.  We drove 213 kms which would be about 133 miles.  We couldn't decide whether to go or not as the weather was iffy but decided to after lunch.  We had some really nice little weather windows that gave me great light to work with as is evidenced by the following photos.

A little storm cell as we were leaving Clifton this afternoon

The orange colours are Oaks and the yellow are Poplars

The above were taken with my Canon SX50 and the below with my Canon 6D

An old homestead above Collbran, CO

Looking through the Oaks down to the Plateau Valley

Lots of Oaks and naked Poplars on the ridge

Above Cedar Edge, CO looking down off the Mesa

I've missed the majority of the fall colour

Just above Cedar Edge City, CO

Surface Creek in Cedar Edge, CO

Great evening light near Delta, CO

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