Friday, November 28, 2014


We had a great Canadian Thanksgiving meal in Penticton with friends just before we crossed the border in October and yesterday we got to partake in another here in Arizona with our American friends for their Thanksgiving.   Talk about the best of both worlds!   As part of our share, we supplied and cooked the turkey and Aileen made a gluten free Nanaimo Bar.  Guess what?  Nobody in the group had ever heard of Nanaimo Bar!   Well, they sure have now and all agreed it was yummy.  We celebrated with Ken and Marie who had their grandson and fiancĂ© over and friends Jim and Judy.  We also had Ken and Marie’s neighbours, Dale and Martha aged 82 and 83, from across the street.  A great time was had and we ended with two games of 2500.
I rode three days this week in the mountains and saw some new country one day.  That doesn’t happen much anymore as I have covered most of the roads out there.  I’m sure there are more roads to discover though and maybe one day I will.   We took a road trip today over to Maricopa as we just don’t make it that far when we go to Casa Grande shopping.  We usually run out of time to go any further.  It was nice to take a drive without having to go anywhere specific.

We are giving a bit of thought to our annual journey to the Quartzsite area.  I don’t think we will spend as much time there this year and will probably forego the big RV show this time.   We plan to meet Jacquie and Jim over there somewhere for Christmas and New Year’s.  Some of the ATV club here have expressed a bit of interest in having two or three days of riding in the Quartzsite area if I would lead.  I am mulling whether to send out a blanket invitation or just invite those who might be interested.  The biggest problem is the lack of motel rooms close to hand as most of the club riders don’t have RVs here.  For those who have an RV, there is free camping where I plan to ride from.  We’ll see.
We've been having problems with our mail down here this year.  We have had at least three important pieces of mail returned as undeliverable even though Aileen went into the PO on October 31 and got our delivery restarted.  All the pieces were mailed after that date.  Aileen went down and had a pretty straight discussion with them this morning and it seems the guy she spoke with in October didn't do his job properly.  After first denying it, he finally admitted to his mistake.  Hopefully that is fixed now.  We are wondering about just keeping the mail flowing year round and trying to find one of the year round residents to clean out the box once in a while.    We don't remember ever getting anything important forwarded from here to home. 

Lots of cotton stacked alongside the fields south of Coolidge, AZ today

We ran into a roadblock on the Little Spine on Tuesday

Not sure if I interrupted something for this boy or he had a run in with a cactus

A couple miles down the road I found this Red Tail Hawk in some pomegranate trees 

Our lunch stop at the end of the road on our couple's ride on Wednesday

I had gone up the road to take the previous photo and sometime later they were trying to spot me but, hee, hee, I was down below.  That fooled them!

This wee Hedgehog Cactus had a couple of pretty fruits still attached