Saturday, November 22, 2014


We had another great day in the desert with friends Norm and Cheri and Bud and Jackie on Thursday.  We went via my little trail below Box Canyon hoping to see the cactus blooming still and were rewarded with seeing more Buckhorn Cholla blooming along with the Climbing Milkweed and Globe Mallow.  I won’t bore you with photos of the mallow since there are lots of photos in previous blog posts.  Matter of fact, I didn’t even take any mallow shots this time out.
We decided to check out Martinez Canyon to see if it was still gated off and it was.  The ladies waited at the RZRs while the guys hiked up into the canyon to check conditions.  We will have to go back there again earlier in the day so there is time for all of us to make the walk in.  You will see from the photos that it is still as beautiful as ever and because of the gate, it is cleaner and quieter.   With all our dawdling and looking at things, it turned into a pretty long day.  I think it was 4:45 when we got home and that was with not going to town for gas.  We had left at 9 am.  Cheri had supper in the crockpot so later we gathered at their place for a late supper and a lot of laughs.   Both couples are fun to be with.
The other day when I went to the ATV dealer for a fuel filter for my old quad, I asked about lift kits for our RZR as we keep hitting the skid plate on things.  It isn’t likely to damage anything but it is pretty annoying when nobody else is bottoming out.  So, I came home with a heavy little box to help improve the situation.  I spent yesterday morning installing the kit and it went pretty well.  I didn’t take any before and after measurements but it definitely feels further removed from the ground.  We are planning another couple’s ride on Wednesday so we’ll see how that goes and if we notice much improvement.
Aileen has been washing all the blinds in the park model over the past few days.  We hang them in the bath tub so she can use the sprayer and they are looking much better.  She is also recovering the dining set chairs in the park model.   The fabric store in Casa Grande only had enough foam to cover one chair so this morning we drove to Queen Creek (the nearest part of Greater Phoenix) and picked up the rest that she needed. 

This afternoon, we joined Ken and Marie and Jim and Judy for a couple games of 25.  I was the huge winner in the first game and the biggest loser in the second!

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

Looking up to the bottom end of Box Canyon

Along the road to Martinez Canyon

Bud and Norm paying their respects at the grave of the unknown miner.  Can you see the boots sticking out of the pile of rocks?

Beyond the gate on the way into Martinez Canyon

Whats left of the old house in the canyon

A partly destroyed building which is why the area has been gated off.  It is too little too late as there isn't much that hasn't been vandalized.

The late afternoon sun reflections seem to just glow on the rocks

Looking at the start of the Martinez Rd in the top left from the top of what we call the Big Spine

Jackie shooting a Buckhorn Cholla flower

My shot of the Buckhorn Cholla flower

We saw this neat sun dog all the way home on our ride