Wednesday, October 15, 2014


We crossed the border this morning at Osoyoos and it was our longest time in line ever at any border crossing.  It was just over 25 minutes from the time we pulled into line until we were finished being inspected.   Mitzy welcomed the inspection lady aboard and Sophie allowed herself to be petted.   We had rain from just south of the border pretty much until Omak where we are staying the night in the Walmart parking lot.   After Aileen had a good nap, we went in to Walmart to restock the fridge and cupboards.  We had managed to empty all the bad border crossing stuff from the fridge over the past few days.   Our Verizon aircard is working and the phones both seem to be also.  We could be in and out of service area over the next few days though.

If you look really closely at the top of this image, you may be able to see a white dot just left of center and down a bit from the top in that little nook in the trees.  This shot is equivalent to 100 mm in 35 mm format.

And this is what I was able to coax out of the SX50 at 1200mm x 200 digital zoom which I think equals 4800 mm.  I was riding the Kettle Valley Railway Trail on my bike looking for geocaches on Sunday when I spotted the Mtn Goat.

We saw these Mtn Sheep along the McLean Creek Rd on Monday