Friday, October 17, 2014


We're not setting any speed records this trip.  Let's see, 139 kms the first day, but we had to restock the larder.  381 kms the second day put us to Hermiston, OR and a really nice Passport America RV park called Pioneer.  Today we made a whopping 294 kms to Catfish Junction RV Park also a PA park near Huntington, OR.  Passport America membership gives you half price fees,which I don't mind paying.   No idea where we will end up tomorrow night as the plan is to head south once we reach Mountain Home, ID.  I noticed a road, #51/#225 that sort of parallels Hwy 93 south into Nevada and since it looked okay on Google Earth and we haven't taken it yet, I thought it to be worth a try.  We'll see if that's what we do when we get there.

Shot with my 6D along Trout Creek when I was on my way to cache along the KVR near Summerland the other day

Further up Trout Creek while cycling and shot with the SX50

These two shot are with the SX50 while Aileen was driving this morning

This is climbing up Blue Mtn east of Pendelton, OR

Also SX50, this is the Snake River in front of where we are parked tonight at Catfish Junction.  It is rather a dull overcast but it was in the 70's F when we arrived about 2 pm.