Tuesday, October 7, 2014


And happy 47th anniversary to Aileen (and me).   Donna is one of my faithful followers who always enjoys seeing my photos.  She is an artist and perhaps looks at my images a little differently than some people.  We continue to be very busy in our lives with visiting, appointments and geocaching.   I even found time, after Aileen reminded me, to attend the local camera club meeting last night.  Six years ago when we took off full time RVing, I was the longest serving member.  Last night, I only knew a few of the members.   We played cards a couple nights ago with Jacquie and Jim and boy did we have to dig deep to remember how the game went.  That was our first time playing since last April when we were last here.    

Jacquie, Jim and I did a day long trip geocaching our way up along, and around the top end, of Adams Lake last Friday.  Yesterday afternoon, Jim and I each set out fifteen new caches in this area.  This is my first try at placing caches and today we have to do all the computer work to get them accepted by Geocaching.com, the parent organization for this hobby.  After being accepted, they will be posted online allowing people to begin searching for them.   This was after buying our travel health insurance, two financial appointments and lunch with our friend Edna yesterday morning.  Pretty soon we’ll need to take a vacation to rest up.

All shots today are from the Canon SX50

We were fortunate to see these three Trumpeter Swans at the top end of Adams Lake

We were in Salmon Arm to have supper with Bev and Kevin Saturday so I spent some time down at the wharf 

Can you see the Great Blue Heron to the left of the old pilings?

I loved the colourful leggings this grandmother was wearing

This heron was at least 100 feet away and this shot is at the equivalent of  900 mm

Same bird but now the equivalent of 4800 mm.  No cropping or anything other than minor sharpening.

Virginia Creeper putting on it's Fall colour