Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Richard and Georgia came up from Victoria last Saturday.  Richard stayed over Saturday night then went home Sunday leaving our granddaughter Georgia with us until next Saturday.  We had considered taking the motor home over to my sister Becky’s at Sproat Lake but it seems wiser to stay here at Charlie’s where things are more familiar and contained.   She would be too close to the road at Becky’s and she does have a habit of making a break once in a while.  We had a good time at the beach yesterday although she was reluctant to start with.  Finding a ready made sand castle was a bonus as it gave her something to work around.  We’re definitely finding out that it was wise to have our kids when we were young. 

Except as noted, all these shots are from the Canon SX50

When friend Bev M was here, we visited the North Island Wildlife Recovery Center.  This is Bardo the Barred Owl who was the focus of a live raptor demo.

There were a large number of turtles in the pond

Closeup detail of a duck's wing feathers

Aileen and Mitzy with friends Bev D and Bev M

Bev M and Aileen at Arbutus Point where we spent the evening.  This was shot with my Canon 6D at 5000 ISO

Rock silhouettes at Arbutus Point shot with Canon 6D at ISO 12,800

Aileen and I went to Qualicum Bay one evening and saw this sailboat in the smokey sunset light

There were several of these jellyfish along the shoreline

 Several killdeer kept playing along in front of us at Qualicum Bay

We took Georgia to one of the beaches between Parksville and Qualicum yesterday

Water,Water!  I need water!

Found it

This Great Blue Heron was catching lunch as the tide came in

This is handheld at 1200 mm with 1.95 digital zoom added

This shot is also hand held taken at 1200 mm with 4 times digital zoom.  This is as shot with no cropping.  The little Canon SX50 continues to amaze me.