Monday, August 4, 2014


Life is just moving right along here at Cluxewe.  John and I did a couple of adventurous geocaching trails last Wednesday and Thursday evening.  The Thursday one was 8.95 kms return with 1500 feet of vertical which is an indication of how many dips and canyons we had since we probably never got more than 60 feet above sea level with the ocean in view much of the time.  We were the first people to walk in to the cache since it was placed 25 months ago!
Friday saw my brother Charlie and wife Sheila arrive for the weekend.  He brought his ATV along so he, brother in law John and I went ATVing all day Saturday.  Saturday evening, John daughter Brenda and husband Kelly arrived with his ATV.  That meant we were ATVing Sunday and then again today without Charlie who had to go home this morning.  We did have some campfire and mealtimes together with the families, of course.  This afternoon and evening was a bit of a rest for us. 

The Pink Salmon are massing off the beach here at Cluxewe and it is quite a sight as there are many jumping out of the water at the same time.  There are always a lot of fishermen lining the shore trying their best to catch some.  I have been shooting video with my SX50 and getting some pretty good results.  I will have to try to figure out how to downsize the file size so I can post one.

This guy caught his lunch.  Anyone know what it is?

John and I found this bear along the beach Wednesday evening on our way to a remote geocache

Can you see the cruise ship in the fog beyond the sailboat?

A female Blue Grouse up in the hills while we were ATVing

We took the time to sit on the beach last night to watch this Disney cruise ship go by

Commercial fishing boats at Port Hardy

Looking southeast  from Beaver Harbour near Port Hardy

Looking west from Cluxewe.  This photo is untouched except for slight sharpening and downsizing the file

These two photos were taken last night from Elephant Head Mtn looking out to the northeast.  The first photo shows Port McNeill in the center and Sointula to the left on the first island.  The BC mainland mountains are in the background