Friday, July 11, 2014


After two months and two days parked at my brother Charlie’s (and Sheila), we have put the wheels to the pavement and moved the motorhome up to Campbell River where we are parked at Cousin Bill’s.  We went to the wharf and had fish and chips at Dick’s for lunch today.  Some of the people at the Celiac BBQ the other day had mentioned that Dick’s now has a dedicated process to ensure gluten free fish and chips.  The meal was very tasty but we’ll wait and see if Aileen has any reaction overnight before declaring it a success.  Some friends are coming to Bill’s on Sunday for a BBQ supper and another couple who can’t make Sunday are coming over to see us tonight.  We hope to putter our way northward from here next week with no firm plans in place.  
Richard and Georgia had been with us Thursday to Monday, then, on Tuesday we drove down to Victoria for the day (fifteen hours worth!) to visit.  We had morning coffee with Richard’s in-laws, lunch with Richard and Georgia (Robin working) then a visit with Cousin Pat and Irene.  Irene was just out of hospital after a major tumble on her (very low) doorstep which resulted in two broken wrists and an arm along with multiple bruises.  She was in fine spirits though and enjoyed our visit.   We helped celebrate Georgia’s twelfth birthday that evening.  That was a busy day!   We’re looking for a little peace and quiet for a few days soon.

Please note there are two parts to this post as I had too many photos for one.  Just scroll down further after viewing these photos.

I had several requests for more photos of Aileen's party so that will be most of the ones posted today although there are some different photos near the end of part two/

Bev D and Aileen shared their dinner table with some of the grandkids

We'll call this one the old guys corner

My youngest sister Becky in the middle and her daughter Heather on the left with our daughter Bev on the right

Some of the dessert at Aileen's party

Lots of inter-generational visiting was happening

Anne, Becky and Cousin Neil's wife Carol

Enjoying the firepit

Mitzy was enjoying some attention

Front view

Back view

The subject, my sister Janet with one of her grandkids plus two other people's

The singalong.   Continue down to the next post to complete today's set.