Thursday, May 1, 2014


We were on the road before 10 this morning but had to stop for propane and gas at two different stations.  In both cases, we had to wait quite a long while for a pickup fueling up with diesel.  Even with spending nearly an hour getting the gas and propane, we were in Penticton shortly after 2:30.  No one was home at our friends so we were able to back in and get set up in short order.   Our friend Bev came by shortly after and Aileen had a good visit with her.  The owners, George and Karen came along a while later.
We had a great supper and visit with our daughter Bev and Kev last night.  We managed to score three suppers with them in the two weeks and two days we were in the area.  That’s pretty good.  Kevin thought our motor home was a lot heavier on departure this time as he said he saw quite a lot of stuff coming out of storage.   I mentioned that he just didn’t see all that I had taken out of the motor home and put in storage.

We will stay here through the weekend then head toward Vancouver Island early in the week, probably.   Tomorrow is a group supper, Saturday Aileen is going to a play with the ladies and Sunday Aileen’s Cousin Bev is coming by.

Our 16+ years old cat Sophie enjoys spending her days in comfort

Looks pretty cozy to me 

And here's Mitzy snuggled in her bed on the couch

Out for a walk this morning, see the sun dog?

Here's a better view of the sun dog

This one is ready for the grass to grow a little faster

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  1. I've never heard of the term sun dog ...thanks for sharing as I have seen those mini rainbow spots but never knew what they were :)

    Love your pic of the horse investigating you too...