Monday, September 2, 2013


Our plan is to move on from Donnelly, AB tomorrow heading for Jasper National Park.  Our internet will be fairly infrequent for the next couple of weeks or however long it takes us to wander down through the Rockies to Lake Louise then over to the Kootenays.  It is likely our cell phone will be mostly useless as well.  We've had a great two weeks visiting Judith and Doug but its time to move along now that the parks should be getting quieter.  Of course, the big problem in the mountain parks is that many of the campgrounds close the day after Labour Day so you are farther from many of the things you want to access.

Evening across the Canola field.  There are thousands of acres like this in this area, it is a dominant crop.  The other major crop is wheat.

More Canola in mid morning light

An old home that is being reclaimed by nature

While out geocaching the other day, we rode across the Peace River on the Tangent Ferry.  It only runs during the summer months.  Most years there is an ice bridge across for part of the winter. 

A little more modern barn

The community of Peace River, AB