Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Aileen got checking the weather forecast and decided she’d like to head back to Jacquie and Jim’s for a couple days before we wander northward.   I think every day in Penticton there was a thunderstorm which always upsets Mitzy.  We had a fairly loud one here this evening so once again Mitzy wasn’t very happy.  Actually she’s hyperventilating on the seat beside me as I write.
We enjoyed more time on the KVR Trail which is where I met a couple young ladies, one from Toronto and the other from Vancouver, who were celebrating the lovely Okanagan summer.  One was trying to photograph the other jumping for joy but I think there was too much shutter lag on the smart phone so I offered to take a few shots with my camera.  I have included one of the shots below.

We had a picnic lunch out at one of the lakeside pullouts yesterday with friend Bev and her Mom, Pearl.  We sat and watched all the different ways of enjoying summer on Okanagan Lake.   A few of the pictures are below.

Looking across Okanagan Lake to Summerland

Freedom Okanagan! was the cry I heard

Storm approaching 

You just never know what you'll see hanging off the back of a boat

Lots of jet skis on the lake

Several waterskiers roared past us

Very popular are any type of inflatable being towed, usually with happy youngsters on board

Kissing clouds