Thursday, June 6, 2013


It’s time for another update on what’s been happening in our world.   We’ve been in Campbell River parked in Cousin Bill’s drive moochdocking for the past couple days.  It was time to get on with our life again now that Mom has passed.  My sister Susan, who is Mom’s executrix, and I went to the funeral home and made the arrangements for a celebration of Mom’s life which will take place June 30.  I put some time and effort into making a brochure to give people at the service.  I lined up a printer at a reasonable cost who will cut the sheets for us as well so all we have to do is fold them.  I don’t envy Susan with all she will have to do to settle the estate and am just glad it isn’t me.  Last Thursday, I helped two of my sisters and a brother in law clean out Mom’s room at the care facility.  For a small room, there was a lot of “stuff” to remove.  Hopefully some of the grandchildren will adopt some of it then the rest will go to the thrift store.  I plan to put together a photographic remembrance highlighting Mom’s life when we return to Errington in another week or so.
I have been out caching both on foot and on my bike the past few days.  I continue to be amazed at all the trails that are out there that most people wouldn’t know existed.  It just reinforces how much more a group can accomplish rather than one person.   I’ve been wearing shorts and a tee shirt and many of these caches are off the trail in thick brush so my legs and arms have been getting brutalized.   I have found several areas that I hope to return to next time.  They are fairly level roads suitable for riding my bike to cover more ground but are behind locked gates to prevent motorized travel.
Aileen’s sister Anne came down from Port McNeill for last weekend and she and Aileen had a great visit.  I spent most of both days helping again on the wheelchair ramp addition to the Errington Communtiy Hall.  We had good volunteer crews both days and got lots accomplished.  That was probably my last effort there as we plan to be away the next couple weekends.  I enjoyed helping and learning some new skills.  The ladies and I did get out caching/walking on Saturday evening so Anne was able to claim some caches for her and John.

We’re having trouble getting much decent weather.  We were forecast to have about ten days of decent sun but we had some heavy rain Tuesday night and now it is raining this evening, Thursday.  It looks like we may be getting showers tomorrow, which is moving day down to Duncan where we will moochdock at my Cousin Neil’s.   We already have trips planned to Victoria next Monday and Wednesday.  If the weather will cooperate, I plan to ride some of the Trans Canada Trail in the Duncan area to do some geocaching.  Are we getting bored with retirement?  Not a chance!  Some days I don’t even get to read a book.
A Great Blue Heron down at the marina today

The passage between Campbell River and Quadra Island is always busy with boats

Part of the Campbell River Marina

When I got back to the car after geocaching late this afternoon, I saw this large barge of containers heading for Alaska.  That's why they call this the highway on the sea.

Some of the forest I was geocaching past yesterday

Pilings left over from a long ago logging operation now provide protected nesting for some birds.  Note the efforts at preventing larger birds from roosting and frightening away the smaller birds.

A little colony of tent caterpillars 

The Heron got his minnow

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