Tuesday, June 11, 2013


After a busy three days in Campbell River, we moved down to Duncan and are moochdocking at my Cousin Neil’s.  He and Carol are great to get along with so we enjoy being able to visit with them.  Aileen went out checking garage sales with Neil and Carol Saturday morning.  We had supper with Neil and Carol Saturday night.  Neil went and picked up his Mom, my Aunt Susie, and we had a great visiting time.  After supper, we sat around a campfire until about eleven pm. 
I have been schooling Carol in the fine art of geocaching and we plan to go find a few Thursday after supper.  I went out with her hiking group to Stocking Creek Park on Sunday morning.  I’ve been having a good time caching in the area, mostly along the Cowichan Valley Multiuse Trail.  Being an old railway grade, it is great for cycling.
Yesterday we went down to Victoria for the day.  We had lunch with son Richard then left Mitzy with him while we picked up friend Bev D and went on a whale watching boat ride.  It was a pretty ride but pretty scant on whales.  We did see little bits of whales when they surfaced for air or were lunge feeding but the sightings were so brief, you didn’t have time to focus on them let alone find them in the camera view finder.

Tomorrow we are off to Victoria again to attend Grandfriends day at Georgia’s school.

Stocking Creek

Para gliders on the Victoria waterfront

A lighthouse we passed on the whale watching trip

The famous Empress Hotel on Victoria's Inner Harbour

The Athena is the world's largest private schooner sailboat.  Rumour has that it is for sale for $95 million dollars!  It is over 290 feet long and over 40 feet wide.