Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It’s time to go.  Northward, that is, as we only have just over ten days to get back north of the border before our health insurance runs out.  We spent the past few days slowly getting things organized and this morning it only took a few minutes to get the motor home out on the road and the car hooked on.  We met friends, Ken and Marie and Ernie and Atha at a restaurant in Florence for a late breakfast.  We had one last good visit with them and hit the road about 10:15. 
We were only driving to Camp Verde so an early start didn’t matter.  Including a stop for lunch (and a nap for me) we arrived at Camp Verde RV Park shortly after 2 pm.  We have three free nights of camping but will have to sit through a sales presentation Wednesday morning. 
Aileen and I took a drive through Florence Gardens Saturday admiring the cactus blooms.  We just caught the beginning as it appears the bloom will be incredible in a few more days.  One of the neighbours had told me about the roadside bloom south east of Florence so we went out there on Saturday as well.
We had games sessions with Ken and Marie and Ernie and Atha both Wednesday after supper and yesterday which was followed by a delicious potluck supper.   I got the ATV ready for its summer vacation and locked it away in the shed.  We left Aileen’s scooter in the shed again as it wouldn’t get used much where we think we’ll be this summer.  We did take the batteries out and bring them with us.
The other night when I went to the hot tub, I was joined by several other Canadians. One couple was from Nanaimo, the guys sister was from Calgary and another younger couple were from Victoria.  The Victoria guy works for UVic in the Tsunami warning research project.  They were all visiting their father Angus, who is 87 and winters in Caliente.
I got to go on the delayed tour of Florence Copper’s site Friday morning and that was interesting.  In the later afternoon, we went to an ATV happy hour type party so we got to see some of our ATV friends again. 
We plan to visit Jerome, Cottonwood and Sedona while we are in this area then hope to catch a day or two at the Grand Canyon before making our dash for the border.
Note.  I wrote this last night and tried to upload it but the signal wasn't strong enough to take my pictures so I cancelled the post.  I will attempt to add the pictures after posting this text.