Monday, February 4, 2013


While we’d love to stay here the rest of the winter, it is time to head back to Florence for a while.  We have really enjoyed being able to dry camp/boondock for so long this year.  I think we will do more of it in the years to come as we finally seem to have the solar, internet and heating situation in hand.  We originally planned to spend two weeks out here then back to Florence around New Years.  We’ve been out in the Quartzsite/Bouse area now since December 18.  It was great having my ATV for most of the time.  It was fun geocaching with the ATV.  I need to come up with some way of bringing it along on a regular basis.
The biggest downside to our time here was my getting ill a couple weeks ago.  I’m still struggling with a bit of a cough and chest congestion.  I keep hoping the hotter weather will make it all go away.  It is improving, at least.  We had a gorgeous day today following a cloudy day yesterday after rain during the early morning.   There had been a zero percent chance of precipitation but Aileen and I noticed a ring around the sun and later a sundog on Saturday.   It goes to show that watching the sky can be more accurate than the internet forecast.
We were up to Parker last Friday then went again today. 

Our view to the north.  Those building in the distance are Bouse and are seven to eight miles away.

Our spot on the hill.

The ultralight and moon the other night.

Morning shot of the camp.

The Saturday sundog.

This guy made a couple close passes at supper tonight.