Thursday, January 31, 2013


I came down with some kind of nasty bug last Thursday and not much has happened for me since.  I’ve been getting outside the past couple days but spent several days hardly leaving the bed or chair.  My eyes were running so bad for a couple days, I couldn’t even read.  While I still have a niggling little cough, I am improving.  I had planned on attending a geocaching multiday get together but it ended today and I’m still not into mingling much.  We pretty much stayed our full time at LaPosa West also.  We had thought of moving somewhere quieter before now but there was no energy for moving.
Jacquie and Jim and the Caouette brothers moved on down to Yuma this morning so we packed up and moved back out to the Bouse area.  We’re right at the 12 mile marker and it is sooooooo quiet!  I thought my ears were being sucked inside out this afternoon when I was sitting out.  I could not identify any sound.  The downside is my ATV went to Yuma since Jim is the ATV transport.  Got to work on this somehow.  We will stay here for a few days to recuperate before heading back to Florence.  The Parker 425 Offroad Race takes place this weekend and part of it will be in our viewscape.  While it is 12 – 14 miles across the flats from here, depending on the wind the noise may impact our stay.  Our nearest neighbour is at least half a mile away.
Our friend in Caliente, Marie, called before eight this morning to tell us of a major fire in the next block to us.  The park model was completely destroyed.  The old guy in it didn’t survive and his wife was pulled out unconscious.  No update on her condition.

This big dirigible flew over us a couple days ago

Darn, there goes my ATV

It was nice to see some cheerful looking Brittlebush flowers on my walk this afternoon

Across the highway from our parking spot

Here's our new homesite, up on a ridge with a huge view

This guy made a couple passes past our spot after supper tonight