Sunday, December 30, 2012


Lots of interesting rocks in the wash below us.  This is not a piece of wood.

This is part of an old tree trunk

Mitzy with the sun at her back on our walk in the wash

The vegetation is quite lush in spots along the wash where the plants have been able to intercept and retain some of the flood waters.  The Sonoran Desert is often called the green desert because many areas have large amounts of greenery.  Plants such as Greasewood stay green even in very dry conditions.  Trees such as this Mesquite put roots down a long way to reach moisture.

Elephant in the sky!  Well it looked like that to me.  

We did get a few light sprinkles of rain but not from this cloud.

There are many dead trees in the desert often caused by changing water courses.  Either they loose their water supply or the water undermines their roots so they can't retain moisture.