Sunday, September 2, 2012


The day after my last post, we finished hauling in the rest of the wood Charlie had drying out behind the barn.  We hauled twelve loads and put on between seven and eight kms doing so.  Unfortunately, it didn’t fill the woodshed so now we have to go find some more dry wood.
I went and visited my Mom after supper the other night.  She was in the hall gumming an egg sandwich so I pushed her down to her room so I could sit down.  I didn’t get much response til the sandwich was mostly gone then she got into visiting mode.  We danced to her iPod music, with me on the couch and her in the wheelchair.  She really seems to enjoy that.  Does she know me?  I doubt it, but it doesn’t matter when she’s happy.
We spent last Thursday on a trip to Victoria for another acupuncture appointment for Aileen.  We picked up friend Bev D and had lunch down on the wharf.  After the appointment, we went to Richard’s for supper which he cooked for us including a delicious gluten free apple rhubarb pie.  I managed to fit in a couple of geocaches on the way down.  I’ve been geocaching part of most days and still amazed with the areas I’m discovering.
Yesterday I went to the local farmer’s market then Aileen and I went to a great niece’s first birthday party which was mostly a great family get together.  From there, Charlie and I went up to Qualicum Bay for the Lighthouse Country fall fair.  It is just a one day event but they do an excellent job of it.  There is live music the whole day, lots of inside and outside displays, arts and crafts and even a few fun things for the kids.  In the evening, we went to the first coffee house of the season at the local Errington Hall.  There was a nearly full house but unfortunately, very few performers.  The two better singers did a double set so the night was filled.  

Our firewood setup

A neat little geocache

Notice the heart shaped hole

Good produce at the market

Lots of different things for sale

There is music for every market

One of the more popular things for sale are the sticky buns 

Charlie's sister in law was selling hula hoops at the fall fair

Charlie's cows were pretty interested in the corn husks

Aileen snapped these two

My sister Wendy at the coffee house

A little waterfall my geocaching took me to today