Saturday, June 2, 2012


We had a good trip yesterday from Campbell River up to Port McNeill.  As is normal on moving day, it seems, we ran through several showers so the motor home needs cleaning.  We stopped at Eve River Rest Area for an early lunch and after Aileen had a long nap, she left ahead of me to stop and visit her sister Anne in Port McNeill.  I was just getting started setting up when she arrived at the campsite to help.  We saw two cruise ships returning from Alaska in our first two hours but none since.
We woke to a beautiful sunny morning.  Unfortunately, it didn’t last but we did get to sit outside in it for a while after breakfast.  Anne came along while it was still sunny and spent the day with us.  She and Aileen went for a couple of walks.  While Aileen napped, Anne and I went to town for a few groceries at IGA, water and lawn chairs from the house and a few things Anne needed.  
We’ve had several showers during the day.  John called from Cache Creek late afternoon and they’d had a good day weather wise.  He will be home late tomorrow if things go according to plan.  Several of them from the North Island plan to ride home together.