Friday, May 4, 2012


When we left off last blog, I had taken the truck to my cousin’s automotive shop with a “service four wheel drive” message displayed and the 4x4 not working.  Jeff called Tuesday morning to say the truck was ready so we picked it up before lunch.  The charge was only $65 which was great.  Apparently the transfer case lost its memory because the battery was dead too long so he just had to reprogram it.  I can’t help but wonder what the cost would have been if I’d taken it to some of the other repair shops.
Later on Tuesday, I met my friend Doug for coffee and a chinwag.  Aileen had coffee with her friend Edna again then cooked supper for her and Bev as she stayed in town to attend a program at church.  I spent my evening researching routes and accommodation in the Palouse.  I have a room booked in Colfax for Monday and Tuesday.  I imagine it is about three weeks early for the best crop displays but it is the only time practical for me to go so I will just have to make the most of it.
Aileen has won five of the last seven SkipBo games so I’m not doing too well there.  We rolled out of Jacquie and Jim’s yesterday about 8:30.  We had to stop in town for a few things.  We both have sleep apnea and when we took our cards in for the yearly download the other day, the tech adjusted mine.  It was not a good thing to do as he set it so high it overwhelmed me and I couldn’t catch up to the amount of air it wanted to feed me.  I had him reprogram it back down again.  I have also booked the little computer that tests your oxygen levels while you sleep as we thought it a good idea to do an update.  I will pick it up Friday.  Aileen is doing very well with her machine and her numbers show excellent results.  Mine were less than optimal but I suspect it is because I often have one side or the other of my nose blocked and I suspect it reduces my air intake which could skew the readings.  
We made another stop at Springbend for $330 gas @ $1.299 per litre.  We were nearly full at Ladysmith on the Island and hadn’t added any gas since.   We stopped at Walmart in West Kelowna for lunch and a nap for Aileen.  It was about 2:30 when we got to George and Karen’s in Penticton.  I had to do some pruning in the driveway before I could back in.  We had to set up in the rain.  We woke to beautiful blue skies at White Lake in the morning and hit showers before Armstrong and the rain got heavier as we progressed south.  What happened to the much talked about “sunny” Okanagan?   I think that is an old time myth fueled by the recreation industry.   The temperature was only 6.3C at 2 pm just north of Penticton right at the lake level.  They are talking about 26C by Tuesday.  Our friend Bev and joined us for supper.  She’s had quite the time since losing her partner Carole in November.  It sounds like she has done a lot to make the celebration of life successful.   We will be attending that on Saturday.
The view from our parking spot looking out the driveway

 Looking in the driveway.  Can you see the edge of the motor home?

Our parking space from behind.  Isn't that nice right in the city.  We have deer, ducks and quail visit us as well as lots of other little birds.  In fact when I was backing in, the back up camera was chirping away sounding like I was in an aviary.  It was hard to pick up Aileen's voice.