Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We moved on up the road to Cousin Bill’s today.  We’ll be here two nights then move up to Port McNeill where we plan to spend June and July visiting and hopefully, ATVing.  Aileen is driving the truck which we will attempt to sell while in the Port McNeill area.  I am towing the ATV on its trailer behind the motor home.   Bill has planned a barbeque with friends here tomorrow evening but with the weather forecast, we’ll be eating inside.
We were down to Victoria yesterday for another acupuncture treatment for Aileen and it seems to have helped considerably.  At least, Aileen says her back feel much better today.  We picked up our friend Bev D and brought her up to Parksville to visit her mother.  
It was very easy getting our passport renewals looked at and sent away from the Service Canada office in Nanaimo.  I filled out our 8840 Closer Connection forms online this morning then printed them out.  This form is highly recommended for Canadians traveling to the US to prevent being taxed by the US government on our Canadian earnings.

We saw this nice waterfall on the Saltery Bay - Earls Cove ferry last week

You can see how windy it was up on the top deck on the ferry last week

This is Niagara Falls in Goldstream Park near Victoria, BC on one of our trips down to visit the acupuncturist

These Harbour Seals know how to relax

This seal just caught a thrown fish

Here comes a treat

Even houseboats can have a lawn!

Another houseboat

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