Monday, May 14, 2012


We came back to the Shuswap last Thursday for Aileen to have some minor surgery.  She had a lump removed from her nose Friday morning and is now waiting to hear back regarding the biopsy.  She will need her stitches removed later this week wherever we happen to be.  The surgery went quickly but she has had a headache ever since which she isn’t impressed with.
She is off for coffee with her friend Donna this morning, lunch with daughter Bev then a visit to friend Wendy at 2.  Tonight we are having supper with my Aunt Jacquie and Jim.  My Aunt Eleanor and Ron will be joining us.
I borrowed the machine for testing my oxygen levels while sleeping and used it two nights.  I hope to take it to Vernon this morning and get the results.  I have several errands to do in Salmon Arm prior to our departure tomorrow.  We are planning on spending tomorrow night near Hope.  Aileen is going to drive our pickup that far while I take the motor home and car.  We will leave the truck there and I will come back for it on Thursday to take it the rest of the way to the Island where I will continue to try to sell it over the summer.
We’ve had a few visits with Bev and Kev and had a combined effort supper Saturday night.  I spent much of the day there doing several loads of laundry.  Aileen had met her friend Edna in the morning for a visit.
Here’s a wrap on my trip to the Palouse.  I was awake before 5 am last Wednesday, so after laying there for a bit, decided to get up and going.  I did have a long shower which felt good.  It took me three trips to remove all my photo gear from the room and I was on the road at 5:40.  I wandered out through Endicott then up to Sprague where I crossed I-90 on my way up to Kettle Falls.  I was across the border at Midway with no difficulty just before noon.  It was about 435 kms to Colfax via Spokane on the way down and 510 kms the way I returned.  It would appear I put on about 380 kms driving in the Palouse.   I took 1408 shots on the trip which would have been 39 rolls of film.  Since quite a few were three shot sequences for HDR, I probably took about 500 – 600 different pictures.  I was home shortly after 2 pm surprising Aileen and Mitzy who had thought I’d roll in about dark.

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