Monday, January 2, 2012


We took our son Richard and granddaughter Georgia up to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix this afternoon for their flight back home to Victoria, BC.  The week went by in a blur.  We had lunch in a New York style deli in Chandler called Chompie’s and the food was excellent.  I would eat there again except it is a bit out of the way for us.  Maybe one of the other three in the greater Phoenix area is closer.
Richard and I took the Christmas decorations down yesterday morning.  After bacon and eggs for breakfast yesterday, we were going to go for a walk out back but it was too windy so we settled for a stroll through Tierra del Sol instead.  We chatted with Nelson and Jerry along the way.   We also stopped and visited Uncle Jim J through the motor home window for a while.  He is still ill with what he thinks is the flu.
Carol from next door came by with her big beetle so I took a few pictures of it.  I got to show her my tarantula pics.   Richard went online and identified it as a Giant Water Bug.  Richard and I went to Coolidge after lunch and gave the car a wash, put gas in it and filled both ATV gas cans as well.   I took Richard for a tour around the Del Webb, Anthem, housing development on the way.  We poked around some Florence back streets on the way home.
The rest of this week promises to be quiet but the next two after that will be quite busy.  We’ll have to see how it goes.

Someone decorated this Ocotillo out in the desert behind our park.  Notice the water and dish for the dogs who are walked out there

One of our cotton gins in operation

The ball came out of the water pretty fast when held at the bottom of the pool

Georgia loves the pool