Sunday, November 13, 2011


That would be the Gila River ride on Thursday.  With the continuing drought conditions there isn’t actually a river here anymore.  I think the San Carlos Dam is preventing any water from escaping.   There are long stretches of dry river bed alternating with some pools.   As you can see, some of the pools are still fairly deep.  We went out with 16 ATVs  and had a fun ride up the river.  There were a couple spots where we had to detour around some too deep pools.  It was nice to have one chap not afraid to test the waters before we all plunged in.  He only flooded once, necessitating being winched back to shore.  We had to remove the air cleaner filter and spray ether into the carb for a while to get the water out and gas flowing again.  It ran just fine afterward. 
We went to Safeway, Fry’s and Walmart for groceries on Friday.  We hadn’t planned on Walmart but Safeway’s turkeys all had gluten as did Fry’s.  Fry’s claimed to have gluten free on their website, but not in the store.  The checkout guy didn’t ask if we’d found everything so Aileen mentioned it.  He then said “did you find everything alright?” to which she replied “no”.  When she said her piece about the turkeys, he said Walmart carries gluten free!  So, instead of getting a turkey for 59 cents a pound, we bought two for 98 cents per pound and we’re good for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Ken and Marie came about 4:30 as arranged for her birthday supper.  She turned (secret) today. We had a delicious chicken thigh supper which Aileen did in the crockpot.  There was rice, salad, nice asparagus and carrots then gluten free birthday cake and ice cream.  We played SkipBo after with the ladies whipping us two of the three games.   The guys managed to win the last one.   

Here's Donna leading the pack

Dick scrambling up the bank

Lynn waiting for rescue on his drowned machine 

Some places were harder than others to get up

Sometimes a little extra speed helps

Dick's on his way

Yahoo Jim!

Sandi's turn

Maureen posing under the arch where we had lunch

A tarantula

The lens cap is 2.75 inches across