Friday, October 14, 2011


We went for a day long drive north then east of here via  Highway 139 to Rangely, Meeker and Rifle then back on I-70.  I think it was about 390 kms.  Only took 63 pictures so about 30 subjects today.  We had a leisurely trip up to Douglas Pass and at the high point, we took the gravel road up to near the microwave tower for some great views.   There were a few old buildings I would like to have worked with but access was denied.  There were lots of interesting rock and clay formations throughout the drive but often no parking accessibility when I needed it.  We were impressed with the large flock of sheep in one field.  We got home about 4:30 just in time for Mitzy to have her supper and Aileen to put her bread on.

This is the North Fruita Desert 

Douglas Pass on the right and part of the hill leading up to it

Along the White River north of Meeker, CO

The large flock of sheep

The only old house I was able to play with but from outside the fence which was signed


  1. Isn't it wonderful, all the beauty around us? Your blog title fooled me, though -- I read Grand Canyon instead of Grand Junction, so I was surprised at the pictures. Better check my reading glasses, get them tuned up. On your wide shot of the sheep - did you take a wide angle and crop it, or did you take several pictures and stitch them together?

  2. What a great scenic drive. I have often noted there are a lot of great pictures missed because of lack of access:) Still-you got some really good ones!

  3. Hi Jerry, I shot the sheep picture at 55mm on my 24-105mm lens then cropped it down. I wanted to show nearly the whole flock but not the ugly fence and uglier power lines etc.
    John Pickard