Sunday, October 16, 2011


Aileen talked to Marie yesterday morning and when she found we were leaving today, invited us for supper since she had planned on doing it Sunday night.  We went to City Market for some groceries then Aileen packed a lunch and we went off to the Colorado National Monument. 
After lunch at the picnic area, I hiked up the Serpents Trail.  I’d told Aileen to wait an hour before driving up to the top of the trail.  However, I was only 45 minutes to the top including taking lots of pictures so had to wait awhile.  I passed a young couple on the way up who had moved from Las Cruces a month ago.  They were very friendly when we visited a while at the top.  We drove through the Monument so Aileen could get a good view finally.  The previous two times she has ridden on the off side from the view.  We got home in time for her to have a good nap.  I worked on backing up to my external hard drive until it got too full.   It said there was still 43 GBs left empty but it lit up red and wouldn’t accept any more.  Good thing I have a second 500 GB that I haven’t opened yet.
We went to Crutchfield’s before 5 and Ernie and Atha were already there.  We chatted a while then had a large and nice supper.  After dishes were done, I showed my Colorado shows to date.  I couldn’t get the HDMI to connect to Ken’s TV so had to show it on the laptop.  We played Backup 8’s and one game each for guys and gals.  We headed home about 9 pm.
 On to our next adventure.   Don’t know if we will have internet for the next couple days.  The plan is to go only as far as Naturita, CO today and explore from there a bit.  Then I think we’ll get down around Cortez or Doloros, CO for a few more days.

I went from the bottom so gained the 770 feet 

Near the bottom starting up

See that nipple peak I'm looking up at?

It wasn't long before I was looking down at it