Monday, October 3, 2011


Aileen gave me a haircut yesterday morning before we left Lakeside RV.  I had been expecting a mostly flat drive to Grand Junction and was surprised when we started through a really rugged and rocky notch in the mountains.  It was pretty interesting actually.  There were some long hills along the route but nothing we couldn’t handle.  We were a little over 2.5 hours making our way to Grand Junction.  It was only 186 kms, our shortest driving day this trip.   We missed seeing the sign for RV Ranch and had to call for directions although we had been really close.  We booked in for a week and are pleased with the excellent WiFi.
While Aileen napped I did some research on the area.  Later I went for groceries as the larder was getting rather bare.  Shortly after I returned, we went to Ken and Marie’s for supper.  Their daughter Donna had flown in a couple hours earlier from Oregon.  She left this morning driving back to Oregon with her brother, who she had persuaded to move out there for work.  We had a great evening with our friends and Donna sharing lots of laughs.  Donna went on her mother’s computer to check out my blog and I guess she liked it since she forwarded the link to her daughter and friend.
We had a quiet morning here today doing a bit of maintenance stuff.  Aileen washed all the screens as they were very dusty.  She did some laundry this afternoon after her nap.  I went to the Monument after lunch and spent the whole afternoon there.  It is fascinating with all the different rock shapes, cliffs and towers.  I enjoyed being on my own and walked to places I wouldn’t normally do if someone is waiting at the car.   I started walking up the Serpent Trail which used to be the original road back in 1912.  It has been a walking only trail since 1961. I may have someone drop me off at the bottom and pick me up at the top some time. 

The Balancing Rock

The community of Fruita is in the distance