Sunday, September 4, 2011


A view of my Uncle Jim's shop where I helped put up the drywall for three days last week

We’re still housesitting and looking after the herd.  Yesterday I went out and brought the motor home in to town for an oil change after checking several places to find one with large enough doors.  The new quick lube has a pit so the motor home could remain on the ground.  The guy assured me they put Class A motor homes through with no problem.  Well, when I got there, the door was too narrow and too low!  After trying some more places, I measured the door at Canadian Tire and the motor home will definitely fit through.  The service guy will have to do the work by crawling under though as their hoist isn’t large enough to lift that much weight.  I left the motor home parked in the local mall parking lot rather than take it all the way back out since I have an appointment tomorrow morning.
Aileen went to church this morning and came home with some excellent beets which we enjoyed for supper.  She went for lunch with her friend Edna and had a good visit.  We went for a walk down at the Salmon Arm Wharf after supper.  It was a beautiful day and evening so I took my camera for a few pictures.

The beautiful curved wharf in Salmon Arm

Five houseboats in a line