Monday, September 19, 2011

This morning’s trip had an interesting start.   Nobody on the bus including our driver knew where these Paint Mines were.   Fortunately someone had given some hand written directions and we managed to find them after driving 35 or more miles.  These formations are scattered in pockets around the grassland and are created by wind eroding the soil from around the harder rock which seems to be composed mainly of little quartz crystals held together with mud.  We spent over two and a half hours there and I only covered about half of the area.   I could see at least two more of the pits and there were likely more I couldn’t see.
Tomorrow is my last tour and it will be a tossup whether I am able to make a post as the evening programs start so my time at the motor home will be rather curtailed.   

Some of my images from the Paint Mines near Calhan, CO