Saturday, September 10, 2011


Some Showy Asters on the mountain highway we drove today

Yak Peak along the Coquilhalla Highway on our way to Hope

Our daughter Bev and I went to Hope this morning to attend the Celebration of Life for my Cousin Derrick who drowned a few weeks ago while swimming with friends in the Thompson River.  He was 41.  I was impressed with the number of people who attended as it showed he had a large circle of friends.  The little chapel was overflowing with lots of people having to remain in the lobby.  His brother in law, Troy, did a great eulogy presentation. 
Since Bev and I arrived in plenty of time, we took a drive out to the Othello Train Tunnels which my Uncle Eric, who passed away a couple of weeks ago had mentioned to me several times as a great spot to visit.  After visiting, I have to agree.  We made it back to the chapel with only a few minutes to spare.  It was great spending the day with Bev and she did over half the driving too which made for an easy day for me.   
I helped hang the photo prints at the local Fair Thursday and was pleased to note that I garnered three first and two second place ribbons with my entries.  I spent four hours on guard duty at the photo display on Friday and got to meet some old friends and chat with others who were interested in photography.  I particularly enjoyed sharing my techniques for producing my images with those who were interested.   I don’t believe in keeping my techniques secret like some photographers do.  One of my early mentors at a workshop said “share how you did it then go out and learn something new to keep ahead of them”.  I thought that was a great idea at the time and still do.
Last night we got together with our friends Bev and Carole out at a local park where they are tenting for two nights.  They drove up from Penticton yesterday.  We always enjoy visiting with them.   Carole is the main photographer while Bev is the support staff.  I was impressed with how much camp gear they managed to squeeze into their little two door hatchback car.  They had a huge tent you could stand up in and two large cots with air mattresses and it looked very comfy.    
Tomorrow morning, we start our trip south planning to be in Grand Forks, BC for the night and cross the border Monday morning.  I did a few things tonight to hasten us in the morning such as loading Aileen’s scooter and putting the awning in while it was still dry. 

Along the trail to the tunnels

The river, cliffs and one of the four tunnels

McCulloch's Wonder.  That would be me and my tripod in the picture.  I had left my polarizing filter in the car thinking there wouldn't be a call for it but it may have reduced my presence a bit

Every tunnel seemed to have different characteristics