Monday, September 19, 2011


We went for a drive up the Highway 24 from here and turned around at Divide yesterday morning.  I had expected to see a raft of high mountains when we got up on top and was disappointed to see hardly any and those just barely showing on the horizon.  I guess we have to go further west to find them.  I hope to get some tips on good photo spots this week at the conference.
Yesterday my conference tour took me to Manitou Springs for a walk around the old town which is a real tourist trap although there are some nice distinctive buildings.  I was impressed with the politeness and friendliness of the younger people I encountered.  One interesting point was I got chatting to this guy who wanted to know what I was taking pictures of.  When he saw I was from Salmon Arm, he got really excited and told me he had actually been there for Roots and Blues a few years ago.   In the evening we went to Garden of the Gods but the sky gods weren’t with us.  It clouded over just prior to our getting there and we only had brief flashes of good light.  Usually we were in the wrong place when that happened.   I’m glad I went there the night before to experience better light.  This morning I’m off to the Paint Mines which is another type of geologic formation.

Farming at 9,000 feet

A neat old house getting ready for renovations

Old Manitou Springs

Garden of the Gods again

Garden of the Gods with Pikes Peak in the background

The last shot taken just at dark, I could barely see through the view finder