Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Here is the completed shed.  It was great to have Kevin helping so there were far fewer mistakes made and the process went much faster.

With a little help from Jim last Wednesday morning, I installed the new bedroom window. Aileen is now happy to have an opening window for cross ventilation. We went to town mid morning and did some more sorting at the storage compound. We took a load to the new shed and a carload to Eleanor’s for the yard sale. Later, Kevin came along with his truck and we got two loads of bigger and heavier stuff. Aileen had another carload for Eleanor’s.

The rain started in earnest about 8 am Thursday and continued all day. I finally gave up about ten and started packing up in the rain as that was the day we needed to move into town. Aileen had lots of mud on her shoes before she had me backed out to the road. I took the motor home for a $2 wash to get the grime off before parking at Piccadilly Mall.

We took laundry to Bev’s and picked up the truck then came back for lunch. Aileen tended the laundry and napped after lunch while I went to storage and did some sorting inside. I turfed 2/3 of my matted 11x14 in 16x20 mats (the stack that left was about two feet thick!) and over 2/3 of the loose prints, I think. I didn’t really want them and nobody else seemed to either so - gone! I tried to organize some of the other stuff before moving it.

On Friday I took the motor home to the RV shop and had four new 6 volt batteries installed replacing the two that came with the coach.

We were up really early (ugh!) Saturday morning. I took Mitzy for her walk before my breakfast. We went off to Eleanor’s well before 7:30. We didn’t sell the TVs or TV cabinet but did get rid of a fair pile. We took in about $70 and I made another $10 cutting three mats for a neighbour lady. I went to the motor home for my mat cutter late morning and had a $2 hot dog at a fundraiser in the Centenoka Mall. Aileen went later for her lunch and decided to have a lay down. She woke up an hour or more later. I was marooned at the sale but did manage to get rid of a few more items as well as sitting in the hazy sun that did have some warmth to it.

When I was walking Mitzy before supper, we met Bill Haviland loading Del into the van. He invited us to join them for supper so I hustled back to check with Aileen. She had just turned on the stir fries but said she could turn them off. We went out to Sunset Cove Campground and Restaurant Blind Bay.

Sunday morning we were awakened by a couple noisy ladies setting up the Lady Striders charity walk/run right across the street. At least it dawned sunny for a change and it was nice most of the day. We went to Bev’s after buying some groceries in SaveOn. Aileen did laundry then went to church while I painted boards then did some sorting in the shed. I managed to toss quite a bit of old printed material mostly relating to film or outdated equipment. Later I crammed more stuff into the shed, moving up in to the rafter zone. Somewhere along there, not sure what day, we took a bunch more stuff to the thrift store.

I took Mitzy for her big stroll around Blackburn Park before breakfast Monday. After eating, it was back to work again. I put gas in the truck then went to storage for a big load, mostly framed prints, mat board, glass and other photo related items. Next stop before Bev’s was for Tim Horton’s coffee for Bev, Kev and Danny.

Danny was my man for the day so we hit the moving hard. The AAA storage shed is nearly empty and the new shed is overflowing. It was getting discouraging trying to get it all in and keep some semblance of order and access. I had Danny for six hours and we got a lot accomplished.

I bought three eight foot 2x4s and built another platform for the guest room box spring as there wasn’t space in the attic on top of the other mattresses. Then I had to prop it up a couple inches so the door could close. I also installed the new slides for the bottom drawer in the filing cabinet which I had broken when moving. I then put casters on it so it can more easily be moved. I even remembered camera club and made it to their last meeting of the season after supper.

Yesterday was more moving stuff and puttering on the shed trim. Mitzy went for a trim by Bev at the SPCA. Today I finished up the shed trim and did a little more organizing inside . I went to the Telus Store in town this morning and whined about my poor internet service and how it takes me an hour to do ten minutes of internet. The lady took my air card and is sending it back for a replacement and gave me an upgraded loaner which works much better. Aileen is still suffering with her back spasms and general malaise which we think is MS related.