Wednesday, June 8, 2011


 How's this for a super sized RV?  They had a completed unit inside the shop that had been set up as an actor's lounge for on movie sets

 Here is a Class A motor home for size comparison

 We're parked in the RV pad Jim made for visiting RVs

 Our good friends Bill and Del who we helped celebrate their 57th anniversary

 An old timer parked in a field along the highway

 Mountain Lady Slippers growing wild along the roadside

 Wild Rose


We had friends Martin and Myrtle who brought another friend Barbara with them, come to visit yesterday afternoon.  The plan had been to sit outside but the weather decided it was time for some thunder showers so we did our visiting inside the motor home.  Aileen had made a lemon pie in the morning using some of the lemon juice she squeezed from the lemons we were given in Caliente.  Yummy!   After having a good chatty visit, I showed them my prints which are to be entered in the Salmon Arm Fall Fair this fall.  I also showed a few of our pictures from our trip south.
The rain didn’t want to quit so the yard here turned pretty muddy and we all gained some height walking in it.  This morning when we went to town we were still tossing mud off our tires kms later.  It wasn’t so bad last night when we went to town for supper at Bev and Kev’s as we were parked in a dry spot.
I had spotted some Mountain Lady Slipper flowers just around the corner from here so yesterday morning I took my camera out to gather some shots.  I thought some turned out fairly well.
We were to town this morning for Aileen to have a visit with a couple of friends.  While she was visiting, I got our new replacement air card from Telus.   I took both our computers with me and tried them with the new and old card in the store and the clerk had brought her laptop from home to compare with.   We’re wondering if Aileen’s computer needs some tech support since it was pretty pokey compared to the others.
I took a drive out to my old workplace after lunch and got to visit with a few of the guys I worked with.  Every time I go there it reinforces my decision to take early retirement four years ago.  While we have a lot less money coming in, we have a lot less in expenses other than fuel which could be as large a money pit as you want.